Battery Storage

Battery storage ensures network stability and power consumption savings

Battery storage now plays an important role in the future functioning of the energy market as part of the German energy transition.

Implementation of the energy transition

Storage facilities can stabilize and relieve the power grid, prevent bottlenecks and prevent the curtailment of renewable energy installations. Battery storage and renewable energy systems complement each other excellently to form a functioning energy system. Battery power plants supply the end customers with electricity and heat on a cost-effective, low-emission basis over the long term. Within innovative energy systems, the conversion between different forms of energy can be realized economically and efficiently with the help of battery storage.

Consequently, they contribute to the sustainable integration of renewable energy into the electricity system. Battery power plants already provide control power that was previously provided by conventional power plants. Even decentralized battery storage systems can soon contribute towards stable grid operation.

Thanks to peak shaving and balancing power, renewable energies can be sustainably integrated into the electricity system.