High efficiency through combined heat and power

Energy efficiency and energy saving are indispensable for the successful energy transition. CHP and CHP plants offer an optimal solution for this by simultaneously producing heat and electricity. We invest in several CHP projects, hence help customers increase energy efficiency by up to 90%.

Our energy is not only getting greener, but we also supply it more and more economically. Increasing energy efficiency plays an important role here. For this reason, we will continue to expand our investments in CHP projects in the coming years.

Unlike conventional, separate generation of electricity and heat, the CHP plant burns fuel (such as natural gas or biogas) while simultaneously producing electricity and heat. This is associated with a significant reduction of pollutant and CO2 emissions.

The heat gained from a cogeneration unit fully covers the heat requirement of the customer. The electricity from the CHP can either be consumed by the customer or fed into the public grid. Operators of a CHP can either benefit from getting their supplied energy remunerated through the Combined Heat and Power Act or EEG.

The combination of CHP with a heat storage and modern control technology can increase the flexibility even more.