Hydrogen as a new future energy

Power to gas

Power-to-gas (P2G for short) is a chemical process in which hydrogen (H2) is produced by means of water electrolysis with partial downstream methanation using green electricity.

Hydrogen can be fed into the public gas grid, cached in cavern storage or used directly in transport.

Hydrogen energy for a variety of applications in the energy transition

Hydrogen is produced from excess electrical energy, and vice versa, it can produce electricity; Hydrogen is an ideal gas and guarantees a clean energy source.

In so-called hydrogen mobility, hydrogen is used in cars, buses and petrol stations. Further main application areas function as day / night storage and seasonal storage for surplus electricity, the secondary control power as well as the increase of self-sufficiency by combined use of photovoltaic, storage and combined heat and power plants.

Another big advantage is that no CO2 emissions are produced.

Forward-looking pilot project

We build H2 plants and use them to produce hydrogen from our solar power.

Hydrogen is supplied to the car industry, chemical industry and other uses. We combine the different energy sources solar, wind, storage, with hydrogen production as gas, liquid, heat or electricity.

Hydrogen is for us the key to the energy system of the future. We strongly believe that hydrogen (energy) will be a key component of future energy systems.