Real Estate

Frankfurt Immobilien GmbH owns various high-standard new-build apartments in Frankfurt am Main.

We invest only in the best locations in the Rhine-Main area. Implementing our smart home technologies into these properties is a standard procedure prior to renting them.

We work together with various relocation services and agencies, who acquire employees of well-known companies based in Frankfurt and the surrounding area as tenants.

High quality and excellent standards

are the epitome of our real estate. Therefore, we not only attach great importance to the developers or kitchen manufacturers we work with, but also to the location of the objects. We attach tremendous importance to all aspects of our real estate operations.

Smart Living

In our last project “Blink Your Eyes” we introduced the latest digital technologies. A solar system with energy storage was installed on the building to supply the tenants with electricity. All 22 apartments have been equipped with the Busch-Jäger Free@Home system. This Smart Living Tool simplifies the control of electrical outlets, underfloor heating, electric shutters with a tablet panel and smart phones.

In addition, you can book at Busch-Jäger a monthly security-at-home package, which allows a remote-controlled monitoring and control of the house entrance at any time.

Our unique selling propositions are not only to offer you a smart home living ambience, but also to cover the general electricity consumption with the solar power produced on the building. This tenant flow model is not only a cost advantage for you, but we help to save the environment.

Because our motto is: Enjoy now, think about the future.

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