Core business solar parks

Frankfurt Energy Holding GmbH focuses on project development and the construction of solar parks (EPC) as well as the long-term operation of solar parks (IPP). The regional focus is on countries with stable statutory feed-in tariffs, e.g. Germany, Spain or France. As a long-term investor, we built a total of 176 solar plants in this core business until December 2018, thus achieving an installed capacity of around 220 MWp in our own portfolio.


Cost-optimized operation management

Our 100% subsidiary German Solar Construction GmbH has a double seat in Eschborn and Leipzig. As the general contractor, she is responsible for the construction and technical operation management, including maintenance and systematic monitoring of all PV systems. With our double seat, we have optimized the access routes to the various plant locations.

Project development and project rights

In the project acquisition, the typical project size is between 300 kWp and 40 MWp. We develop projects directly with the landowners or buy project rights through brokers. Typically, we offer the owners attractive models, e.g. a modern roof renovation instead of lease payment.

In addition, we want to invest in turnkey solar parks and existing plants that are already connected to the electricity grid and feed in electricity.

Construction pre-financing and project financing

Our business model, in which all net surpluses are reinvested in new PV assets, provides us with substantial liquidity year after year. Thus, when structuring the financing, we can also easily represent construction pre-financing (for example, module purchase). Preferred banks are also increasingly taking over the financing function here. Our standard business is the long-term financing provided by our long-standing house banks with low-interest project financing over durations of approx. 18 to 20 years ago.