Wind energy in Germany

Without wind energy, the energy transition in Germany would be inconceivable. With a share of approximately 12% in the German electricity mix, wind energy is the strongest regenerative energy source (source: BMWI).

Having grown out of its infancy stages long ago, the wind energy industry has become an established player on the market, which is an indispensable part of German energy production. The versatile application, possibilities and the scalability of wind energy enable citizens’ initiatives, investors, energy suppliers or private individuals to participate in the energy transition.

Project acquisition wind onshore

Construction projects ranging from individual plants to wind farms as well as existing plants with up to 10 MWp onshore are the typical lot sizes of China Wind GmbH. The main focus is on individual plants or wind farms in inland locations of the wind class IEC IIb or IIIb in Germany. We are happy to enter your construction project at an early stage of development to ensure its success. We rely on systems from well-known manufacturers such as Vestas, Siemens, Nordex or Enercon.

Construction pre-financing and project financing

Due to our business model, in which all net surpluses are reinvested in new assets, the Group parent company Frankfurt Energy Holding GmbH has substantial liquidity year after year. This gives us the ability to fund projects using equity, prior to acquiring debt instruments.

Preferred banks act as construction pre-financers. Usually our financings methods for wind projects are the same or at least similar as to how we finance solar /PV projects. The standard method consists of long-term financing provided by our house banks with low-interest project financing over durations of approx. 18 to 20 years ago.