Investment and participation

Invest with Mercurcap in an environmentally friendly way and advance the energy transition

From now on, interested citizens from all over Germany have the opportunity to invest in a solar park. The three PV rooftop systems are located in the rural districts Oder-Spree and Märkisch-Oberland in Brandenburg. The return is 3.50% with a maturity of seven years.

The federal government will seek an exit from brown coal by 2038. This is another big step towards the energy turnaround! Nevertheless, the question arises of the expansion of alternative energy sources. Here, the solar energy as a climate and environmentally friendly energy supplier plays a crucial role because: Firstly, neither greenhouse gases nor noise or particulate matter are released. Secondly, the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) 2017 and its amendment, the tender-free establishment of solar parks with a Rated output promotes up to 750 kWp at a fixed statutory feed-in tariff.

The terms and conditions of the participation are as follows: As part of the crowdfunding project interested persons can participate from 500 EUR in the form of a subordinated loan in the FEH solar park 38 GmbH & Co. KG. The maximum investment amount is 10,000 EUR. The running time is seven years with a coupon of 3.50% p.a. The repayment takes place in several steps (five times 10% and once 50%) and is final on 31.12.2025. The issue volume is 220,000 EUR. The investment can be subscribed exclusively under

As an institutional investor or private investor, benefit from tailor-made solutions for your investment in the solar sector

Solar parks offer you a high-return and low risk investment opportunity in green electricity. Solar systems are connected to the power supply network after the commissioning of the EEG and operated for around 25 to 30 years. They are written off for tax purposes during the first 20 years. During this time, the solar systems will provide you and the project company with reliable income. In addition to the core business of photovoltaic systems, we are currently also building storage and H2 solutions in which investments will be possible in the future.

Participation is possible after the founding of the project company or during the construction phase. Depending on the investor’s interest, you can invest in the solar power systems right at the start of construction, after construction or grid connection. This allows you to avoid all the risks of the approval phase.

Institutional investor with participation certificate or subordinated loan

For institutional investors, family offices, private equity and other professional investors, we offer private placements, in the form of e.g. participatory notes, subordinated loans or bearer bonds. For structuring and target return, we are happy to consider your investment criteria. Other forms of investments such as green bonds, crowdfunding or citizen participation are being planned.

€ 38.0 million profit participation certificate completed in 2016

In addition to currently around 25 private investors, in 2016 we have a profit participation certificate of € 38.0 million for an institutional investor (renowned German insurance group) with a term of approx. 19 years old. At the end of 2017, another long-term large-scale investment followed in the form of a bearer bond with a German insurance company. Thus, the Frankfurt Energy Holding Group can further accelerate its corporate growth, in addition to the current surpluses of its own existing facilities based on their legally secured electricity tariffs.

Private investor as limited partner

The most common form of investment is the participation as a limited partner in the project company in the legal form GmbH & Co. KG. Selected investors can participate from a certain investment sum. In addition to the direct return on the project, there may also be other benefits associated with taxing the investor’s income. Let your accountant advise you on how an overall investment will work for you.

Project purchase

As a long-term investor in solar projects and experienced Independent Power Producer (IPP), we are looking to expand our portfolio in Germany and other European countries (such as Spain and the Netherlands).

The focus of our acquisition is on open space PV systems and roof systems with statutory feed-in tariffs. In the process, projects with already pre-structured debt financing and existing investments are also examined as potential investments. Investments with attractive market compensation (PPA) are also part of our investment objectives. Critical selection criteria are high-quality project preparation and implementation.

Industrial Partnerships / Construction / Property / M & A

With other renewable energy companies, which also have solar projects in their portfolio, we intend to enter into cooperation in all possible forms (for example, construction sales / shareholdings / M & A). With this win-win strategy, you can gain access to parts of our project pipeline (portfolio building) and we can accelerate our growth path in creating new solar parks.