Balancing power – flexible provision of electricity to stabilize the networks

The primary goal of the four transmission system operators is to ensure grid stability. In order to achieve this, short-term generation and consumption fluctuations must be compensated by so-called “positive and negative balancing power”. In particular, the proportion of fluctuating power generation by wind and sun is steadily increasing and this leads to instabilities.

Grid stability is ensured through the use of three matched balancing modes called primary balancing, secondary balancing and minute reserve.

In the future, energy storage systems will become increasingly important. Battery storage systems, especially in combination with solar power plants, are ideally suited to offer primary control power. The operator of the battery storage receives a remuneration corresponding to his individual offer for the provision of flexible power supply or removal.

As an independent electricity producer of regenerative energy, Frankfurt Energy has already identified several suitable locations with their own solar parks for the provision of balancing energy through battery storage. While Frankfurt Energy is responsible for the development, construction and long-term operation of such facilities, our specialized partners organize the marketing, including storage management and provision of required redundancies, by connecting the plants to the virtual power plant pool. In addition, they control the flexible supply and withdrawal of electricity according to the market situation.