Your simple supply of tenant electricity

With the new Tenant Electricity Act of June 2017, a new business segment has opened up in the photovoltaic industry: Frankfurt Energy Holding now actively encourages its tenants to in invest into the energy transition, which allows them to substantially save electricity costs with green electricity.

Participation in the tenant electricity is easily possible by opting to add the lease for our electricity supply contract (full service) with us as your solar electricity provider.

You will always be supplied with electricity in a stable and secure manner. In particular, you will stay connected to the public power grid, ensuring a controlled supply of electricity.

As your solar power provider, we carry out the complete processing for you. In order to guarantee the smooth flow from this electricity supply from PV in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), we use the latest billing and measurement concepts, which were developed in cooperation with the public utilities of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

We are also developing concepts for decentralized energy supply in a series of experiments conducted by the state of Hesse, which can be used as a model in the later positive course of the tenant flow. As a successful reference project, we were able to implement a tenant electricity project with photovoltaics in Frankfurt am Main (district of Riedberg). Currently, the last of the 22 leases are closed.