Vision and values

Frankfurt Energy Holding

Frankfurt Energy Holding is one of the largest independent solar park operators in Germany. We cover the entire value chain of the solar parks from project developer, general contractor (EPC) to long-term investor and operator (IPP). This unique business model ensures a sustained high return on investment through constant expansion and efficient operation of the solar parks. We currently operate around 300 MWp with a statutory electricity tariff from the start-up year plus 20 calendar years. Net operating income will be reinvested, providing excellent internal financing for the ongoing construction of new plants and the purchase of existing solar parks.

Innovations in energy transition

We are implementing new electricity sales channels in the innovative market environment of energy transition in the event of major changes in the legal framework:

This encompasses the expansion of our current core business (of solar power systems). These additions include developing/running storage systems for regulating power, hydrogen energy amongst other aspects of the renewables sector. We are developing innovative business models in response to the regularly amended ‘Renewable Energy Sources Act’ (EEG). Self-consumption, tenant electricity, direct supply, tendering and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with industrial customers and international PPA projects are other topics in which we are operating (conclude our range of operations in the renewables sector).

Industry 4.0 and matching business models

Strategic business alignment in the age of digitization, automation, robotics and ‘Internet of Things’ for our PV plants: Our emphasis is on construction, maintenance, monitoring, a plant-grid consumer portal and our general business processes. Furthermore, we are building up new business models such as energy trading on EEG basis as well as free market trade (own consumption, tenant flow, OTC, tender, PPA, stock exchange trading nationally and internationally).

In addition, we generate income through the integration of renewable energy products into the new green real estate division. We are seeking to create a portfolio of high-end multi-family houses and smart home solutions in preferred areas in Frankfurt am Main and other major German cities.

Institutional investors

We offer subordinated loans for institutional investors, granting long-term investment opportunities (participation certificates or bonds used to fund our solar parks) yielding attractive interest rates with maturity up to 20 years.

Strategy and corporate values

The FEH has a clear company philosophy: Long-term and sustainable growth with innovative and future-oriented business models. In doing so, we consider social, environmental and employee-related stakeholder interests.